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Marshall McAlister, CFA

Marshall's practice within Pavilion Investment House unites financial science with the practical experience of seasoned investment management.

Marshall is a CFA Charterholder with over 15 years of experience providing advice and wealth management services to affluent and high-net-worth clients. He received his Bachelor of Commerce (major Finance) from the University of Alberta and has completed several related educational designations including a Professional Financial Planning designation.

Marshall is also the author of The Brilliance of Boring Investing - An Academic Approach to Portfolio Design (2nd edition 2011).

Contact Info

Marshall McAlister, CFA
Private Wealth Counsellor, Principal

Pavilion Investment House
11523 - 100 Avenue NW
Suite 402
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 0J8, Canada

Telephone: 780.638.2490
Toll Free: 888.638.2490


Introducing Pavilion Investment House
Pavilion combines the personalized approach of a boutique with the global reach of a full-service institution
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An integrated approach to financial management
Portfolio design that is state of the art
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Comprehensive solutions for the future
Comprehensive and customized for you
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Alliance program
Exceptional tools, ideas and techniques
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Investment policy development
Pavilion will help develop an investing plan that supports and documents the investment management process. The investment policy statement lays out, in a formalized manner, your personal criteria such as objectives, return goals and risk tolerances.
Investment strategy
Pavilion will work with you to develop a set of rules and rationale designed to guide the selection of securities and the maintenance of investment portfolios based on your risk-return objectives.
Charitable giving
Pavilion will counsel you on the impact of philanthropic efforts, particularly with regard to taxation and financial ability to give.
Tax planning
This involves the use of tax-advantaged accounts and strategies aimed at reducing the amount of tax payable. We coordinate with your tax professionals to ensure that the portfolio structure is delivered in a tax-efficient manner.
Financial planning
Together, we will work through a process that determines how you may best meet your financial goals through proper planning.
Insurance is a form of risk management primarily used to hedge against the risk of a contingent loss. A holistic financial planning process considers this in conjunction with your overall goals and objectives.
Estate planning
Estate planning is the process of anticipating and arranging for the distribution of an estate. Proper planning helps to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. Areas include wills, trusts, beneficiary designation, powers of appointment, property ownership, gifts and powers of attorney.
Tax Preparation
Tax preparation involves the compilation and filing of income tax returns. Working through existing relationships with your accounting professionals, we will coordinate the completion of income tax filings.

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This book highlights principles used by others whose stakes are high, such as pension plans, large endowment funds and community foundations. The good news is that, with the proper discipline, these same principles can be applied to any investment portfolio. by Marshall McAlister, 2nd edition

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