Our Services

Through a network of Private Wealth Counsellors across Canada, Pavilion Investment House provides comprehensive and customized wealth management solutions.

  • Investment policy development
    As the governing document for a client’s investment program, the Investment Policy Statement lays out, in a formalized manner, a plan to address investment objectives, return goals, liquidity needs and risk tolerances.
  • Asset allocation and portfolio construction
    The single most important decision and the foundation for successful investing is asset allocation. Using various techniques such as mathematical modeling, proprietary capital markets and global macro research, combined with in-depth client interviews and risk tolerance assessment, we identify asset mixes that have the highest expected return for a given level of risk.
  • Investment strategy, implementation and oversight
    To implement the investment policy and asset allocation work, Pavilion has adopted strategies and methods based on academic research in investment finance and fundamental relationships in capital markets. Investment strategies, representing a multitude of asset classes, are delivered through both segregated portfolios and/or private investment pools. Portfolios are constantly monitored against market variables and are systematically rebalanced to ensure that they maintain their risk profile.
  • Tax planning and management
    Portfolios are specifically designed to account for tax consequences. This may involve the use of tax-advantaged accounts and strategies, as well as managing account activities with the intent of minimizing the amount of tax payable. We coordinate with our client’s tax professionals to ensure our portfolio structure is delivered in a tax efficient manner.
  • Financial planning
    To maximize the probability of financial success, a detailed plan is required. Pavilion uses a robust financial planning process to determine how clients can best meet their financial goals through proper savings, investment and management of expenditures.
  • Estate planning
    Estate planning helps to eliminate uncertainties over the administration of a probate and maximize the value of the estate by reducing taxes and other expenses. We coordinate with other professionals to ensure that an appropriate plan is in place. Areas addressed include wills, trusts, beneficiary designation, powers of appointment, property ownership, gifts and powers of attorney.
  • Charitable giving
    We provide counsel on the impact of philanthropic efforts by clients with particular regard to taxation and financial ability to give.