Integrated Approach

As the steward of their money, we work hard to preserve and enhance clients’ wealth by taking an integrated approach to their financial affairs.


We find that most families, business owners, executives and other professionals delegate various aspects of their financial affairs to several unrelated advisors. Even though there is a great amount of overlap, we often find that there is little or no coordination between the various disciplines represented by the advisors, and that strategies are developed and implemented in isolation of an overall plan.

Pavilion will incorporate all aspects of your profile into a cohesive strategy for your financial affairs. This sets us apart from many other service providers, which often focus on only one element of a client’s wealth equation.

Key elements of Pavilion’s integrated approach

  • In-depth client interview process: Every relationship starts with detailed discussions regarding future objectives and constraints. These may include long-term portfolio return objectives, short-term risk tolerance, current and/or future income requirements, and tax, estate and philanthropic considerations.
  • Consultation with trusted advisors:  When required, we work with professional advisors and specialists, such as accountants, attorneys and insurance specialists, to sharpen our grasp of the client’s situation. At the conclusion of this process we design an overarching Investment Policy Statement, specific to an individual’s circumstances and goals, as the foundation and guiding framework for a long-term investment experience.
  • Portfolio design: We build dynamic, diverse portfolios to meet clients’ evolving needs throughout their lifetime. Careful attention is paid to tax optimization: while we cannot control the markets, we can control taxes. Driven by our strong belief that investment discipline is the main determinant of long-term investment success, Pavilion portfolios place emphasis on risk-management and return-maximization. Our portfolios deliver performance commensurate with the particular risk profile of each client and ensure that they maintain investment discipline through periods of short-term market volatility.
  • Holistic wealth management: Gaining a multi-dimensional, all-encompassing picture of a client’s financial situation allows us to take account of non-financial circumstances, such as existing tax, insurance and estate structures, resulting in an investment strategy that complements and reinforces these structures.