Auto features and deferral rates is where action will be in 2018
Pensions & Investments, December 25, 2017

DC consultant Jennifer Flodin also forecasts sponsors’ efforts to add more conservative options, in part to educate participants about the benefits of keeping their money in the plan after they retire. “They realize they have more retirees in their plans,” said Ms. Flodin, a Chicago-based managing director of Pavilion Advisory Group Inc.

Agriculture and timber 2018 outlook: Organic growth
IPE Real Asset, December 22, 2017

According to Jay Yoder, managing director at Pavilion Alternatives Group, institutional investors in recent years have shown little interest in timber, after its single-digit returns lagged other real assets sectors.

Infrastructure 2018 outlook: Investment volumes to rise?
IPE Real Asset, December 22, 2017

Yoder says that, given the high level of capital secured by infrastructure funds recently, it is no surprise that dry powder recently stood at a record $149bn. “Not coincidentally, competition for assets has also been growing,” he says.

Investment Committee Quiz Reveals Fiduciary Knowledge Shortfall
Plan Sponsors, November 30, 2017

Pavilion Advisory Group has released the results of its “Fiduciary Primer Quiz,” highlighting a variety of shortfalls in institutional investing fiduciary awareness at a time when the demand for excellence is increasing.

Everybody Wants to Invest Like Buffett. Here’s What It Takes
Bloomberg Markets, October 29, 2017

The field is largely limited to these big players, the industry’s precious few household names with a track record and bench of players deep enough for investors to trust them with their cash for two decades. “I think it will be a very limited number of people who can raise a fund of this duration,” says Jim Treanor, head of North America advisory services for Pavilion Alternatives Group LLC.

Private Equity: A ‘generally normal’ market
Fund Europe, October 23, 2017

Fears of a bubble swelling to bursting point exercise some in the industry. Rhonda Ryan, managing director and head of Europe, the Middle East and Africa at Pavilion Alternatives, says: “I was around the last time we had a bubble. One problem with too much capital is we could end up with too high a price. Currently prices are high and getting close to their peak.”

How plan sponsors can keep their record keeper on track
Employee Benefit News, October 16, 2017

Plan sponsors tend to rely on their record keepers for everything, including information, and often assume that since they have had a long relationship with one organization that that entity is doing everything in the plan’s best interest. But that’s not always the case, says Rhonda Berg, senior defined contribution consultant with Pavilion Advisory Group in Chicago.

PANC 2017: The New Conflict of Interest
Plan Adviser, October 13, 2017

“The Department of Labor (DOL) has long been concerned about the fiduciary rule reform issue, and it has gotten tougher on this issue,” Stone observed. “As we all know by now, the department wants to provide a better set of guideposts for advisers and brokers to follow to minimize and disclose conflicts.”

Endowments Ditch Asset Class Silos in Bid to Boost Returns
FundFire, October 12, 2017

This shift is emblematic of investors’ increasing desire to have more concentrated portfolios, which forces investment teams to assess the strategies in a portfolio that make the most sense, says Texas Hemmaplardh, a managing director at Pavilion Advisory Group.

Five Types of Pensions Managers Should Know
FundFire, October 10, 2017

Scale obviously works for you when it comes to the ability to negotiate fees, but scale can work against you in terms of the ability to be nimble and access more capacity constrained asset classes,” says Nicole Delehanty, Managing Director at Pavilion Advisory Group.

Townsend sale a tale of the times
Pension & Investments, September 18, 2017

Acquisitions of alternative investment consultant firms also have picked up in recent years. Strategic Investment Solutions Inc. was bought by consultant and outsourced CIO firm Verus Advisory Inc. in 2016. In another deal, Pavilion Financial Corp. acquired Altius Holdings Ltd. in 2016 and LP Capital in 2014.

Views: Less is more when designing a 401(k) plan
Employee Benefit Adviser, August 22, 2017

Behavioral finance has taught us a lot in recent years about how people make decisions. Just as importantly, it has taught us how plan sponsors can help participants make better decisions while still providing them with choices. However, providing people with too many choices can overwhelm them and lead to decision paralysis.

Enhancing your institution’s governance model
Pensions & Investments, June 21, 2017

The challenges of investing are both technical and human. To excel, endowment stewards must be as attentive to potential land mines in governance as they are to those in global markets.

In a fight between large and small managers, who wins ?
Advisor.ca, May 18, 2017

“The belief that small managers outperform is […] an alternative fact,” says Alex Da Costa, the first debater, to audience laughter. He’s managing director of hedge funds at Pavilion Alternatives Group. “Globally, managers running over $1 billion control 90% of industry assets,” he says. “Investors have voted with their dollars.”


Equities in a rising rate environment
Pension & Investment, May 9, 2017

As markets prepare for likely interest rate hikes from the Federal Reserve, concern has grown regarding the possible implications for equity valuations. While no one can say with certainty what will happen, a combination of history and theory provides some guidance.

Midsized firms feeling squeeze in a landscape of big and small
Pensions & Investments, May 1, 2017

Ryan Anderson, senior consultant and director, manager research, at Pavilion Advisory Group Inc., Montreal, agreed. “Clients are looking to reduce the number of relationships they have and looking to reduce fees, which is a big issue,” Mr. Anderson said. “Because of the environment we’re in, clients are asking their managers to do multiple things for them, so obviously the big firms have the resources to do that.”


Passive investment train overtakes active in corporate DC plans
Pensions & Investments, March 20, 2017

In their investment lineups, “sponsors have been offering a passive sleeve to give more choice,” said Ms. Flodin, the Chicago-based managing director and co-DC practice leader for Pavilion Advisory Group Inc.

The positives and negatives to larger private equity fund sizes
The Alternative Assets Network, February 27, 2017

GPs raising increasingly large funds can be a double-edged sword for potential LP backers.



Five trends to watch in 2017
Private Equity international, January 5, 2017

As of supply, early indications are that the U.S. fundraising market will continue to be strong in 2017, according to William Charlton of Pavilion Alternatives Group, but “far fewer” European fund managers will come back to the market, with many having raised capital in the last 18 months.