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2018 knowledge brokers new guards
Chief Investment Officer

Consultant Christopher Farrington knew the world of private equity well before he started down a new career path in 2013, a path that led to his current role as a managing director-advisory services at Pavilion Alternatives Group.

Why cutting relationships can be hard to do
Private Equity International, December 7, 2018

“It’s a cycle; there are periods when LPs retrench the number of GP relationships that they have and then gradually increase them again if some of the existing managers don’t perform and need to be replaced,” Brad Young, says head of global advisory services at Pavilion Corporation.

Why industrial real estate is a good diversifier
Wealth Professional, September 27, 2018

Philip Cote, director at Pavilion Alternatives Group, an institutional consulting firm that works with pension plans and other institutions as well as high net worth investors, said the demand for the ‘last mile’ warehouses, property typically closest to the end consumer, has meant rental increases and stronger returns.

Commentary: Death of the J-curve
Pension & Investment, September 18, 2018

In “Death of a Salesman,” Willy Loman’s tragedy was primarily driven by the increasing divergence between reality and his perceptions of it. In contrast, the death of the J-curve is due, in part, to improvement in the measurement of returns (i.e., perception) relative to reality.

Retirement Income Solutions and Strategic Withdrawals
Plan Adviser, August 16, 2018

The importance of implementing a withdrawal plan once retirees initiate distributions from their defined contribution assets is well documented. Having a withdrawal plan significantly reduces or may even eliminate the risk of retirees depleting their resources.

Mercer Acquires Pavilion Financial, Summit Strategies Divisions
Chief Investment Officer, August 15, 2018

Daniel Friedman, Pavilion’s president and CEO, reflected on the firm’s expansion into “one of the industry’s top consulting teams, with deep expertise in specialized areas such as alternatives, not-for-profit healthcare, and retirement benefit consulting.” In regards to the Mercer deal, his sentiments echoed Nuzum’s optimism.

Mercer to Scoop Up Two Consulting Firms
Institutional Investor, August 14, 2018

“The more we learned, the more interested we became,” Pavilion CEO Daniel Friedman told Institutional Investor Tuesday. “Our clients can benefit from the scale, the research resources, and the global platform.”

Consultant Divulges New Details on Fee Service
FundFire, July 27, 2018

Pavilion Alternatives Group, which offers alternatives investment consulting services for institutional investors, also does not tack on an extra charge for fee negotiations, says Brad Young, a managing director and head of global advisory for the group.

How to Build an All-Season, Real-Assets Portfolio: Practitioners Opine
Institutional Allocator, June 18, 2018

“The way we look at things when it comes to real assets, the starting point is what is the role within the portfolio?” said Gabriel Nelson, associate director, liquid alternatives, at Pavilion Advisory Group, which has offices in Montreal, Minneapolis and Chicago.

Retirement plan sponsors tread lightly with capital preservation
Investment News, May 29, 2018

“You need to know what you are buying and what are the provisions of the contract,” said Preet Prashar, associate director for Pavilion Advisory Group. “Chasing yields is not the highest priority. You must know the risks before making an informed choice.”

Private equity firms seeing a lot to like with DC provider investments
Pensions & Investments, May 14, 2018

Technology plays a big role in what private equity firms can add to acquisitions, said Allen Waldrop, a Sacramento, Calif.-based managing director for Pavilion Alternatives Group, part of Pavilion Financial Corp. “There’s a lot of new technology that has the potential to reduce costs, improve synergies and increase scalability,”

Calgary comes last in Moneysense ranking of best cities for real estate investment
The Star Calgary, April 18, 2018

A study done by Pavilion Investment House in Edmonton found that when compared with stocks and bonds over a 55 year period, real estate investments in our sister city did not see returns that were as high, and homeowners experienced higher investment risk.

Cost-cutting takes precedence in competitive environment
Pension & Investment, March 19, 2018

Preet Prashar, Chicago-based senior research analyst at Pavilion Advisory Group Inc., agreed: “If one target-date manager lowers fees, then there is certainly some pressure on other managers to lower fees if their funds are priced higher.”

How investors can identify the best of the bunch.
Private Debt Investor, February 19, 2018

Private credit markets have seen rapid growth in recent years as many institutional investors seek a broader opportunity set to increase returns in their fixed income portfolios. Consequently, private credit is enjoying a strong fundraising market.

2018 Year of the women
Shine UK Magazine, Spring 2018 (p50-51)

“For women it is difficult to balance it all and not feel guilty! We feel guilty about everything, parenting, taking time off, taking time for ourselves…how do we not feel guilty?! Maybe we can have it all; a high flying career, a happy family whilst looking the part but you will need a lot of support, especially from your spouse.”

A Retirement Draw Down Strategy Starts With Education
PlanSponsor, January 17, 2018

Darren Headley, consultant for Pavilion Advisory Group in Chicago says, “Plan administrators are investing in technology for participant use that will help them address the question of how much can they withdraw in retirement.

What Would 2018 Look Like for Private Equity Investors?
Funds Society, January 11, 2018

2018 is expected to have an increase in global growth and, according to William Charlton, Managing Director at Pavilion Alternatives Group, most institutional investors are maintaining or increasing their allocations to private equity.

The 4% rule: Withdrawal rates in review
Benefits Pro, January 4, 2018

With the demise of defined benefit plans and ascendancy of defined contribution plans, participants not only must make decisions regarding investment strategy, but must decide on a withdrawal strategy once they retire.