Pavilion Advisory Group® launches quiz on investment industry best practices

CHICAGO, February 16, 2016—Full-service investment advisory firm Pavilion Advisory Group® has developed a quiz for Investment Committee members to test their knowledge on U.S. industry best practices. The 10-question quiz covers a diversity of topics ranging from ethics and standards to fees and membership tenure.

“After many years of working with a variety of Investment Committees, my colleagues and I have observed thousands of Investment committee meetings,” said Susan McDermott, Chief Investment Advisor, Institutional Advisory, with Pavilion Advisory Group Inc. “We’ve seen meetings that are tightly focused with clear decisions being made and others where decisions get deferred continually or there’s gridlock. We’ve been there to witness what works and, conversely, what happens when things go badly.”

The quiz is based on The Fiduciary Primer, a chapter book on Investment Committee best practices published by the firm last year. Each chapter covers the “need-to-know” particulars and best practices on various aspects related to managing investment pools. The publication can be downloaded for free here.

“We understand that Investment Committees face many challenges: knowledge requirements, resource and time scarcity, the growing complexity of the investment landscape as well as heightened legislative risk,” says Ms. McDermott. “By publishing the Fiduciary Primer Quiz, we hope to provide an interactive and entertaining way to remind Investment Committee members, whether new to the role or experienced, how to implement proper governance and internal management structures.

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