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Publication thumbnail Consultant finds success in customization for nonprofits’ varied philosophies, biases
NonProfit News Profile of Antonio DiCosola, Senior Consultant
Truly understanding the investment philosophies and biases of the staff and board members involved in decision making at foundations and endowments is a key component to structuring a customized investment strategy that provides a framework for outperformance while taking into consideration an institution’s needs.Read in PDF | FlexPaper Version - Read as an online magazine
Publication thumbnail Fiduciary Primer
Best practices for managing an investment pool
The Fiduciary Primer was created for Investment Committee members, whether new to the role or experienced, governing all types of asset pools. Each brief chapter covers the “need-to-know” particulars and best practices on one aspect of managing an investment pool. References at the end of chapters provide interested readers with direction on how to delve further into the subject matter. Finally, the appendix contains definitions of the most commonly used words in managing investment pools.Download the Fiduciary Primer
Publication thumbnail Endowments and foundations – A sustainable financial strategy is needed
by Stepan Gordienko, CFA, Director, Sales & Service, Pavilion Advisory Group
During the past 15 years, endowments and foundations have navigated through difficult markets, experiencing some of the worst equity market declines in history.This article reviews the practical consequences of this shift and methods for financial stewards to manage through the current environment.
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Publication thumbnail White Paper: Reflections on Investment Committee Governance

We surveyed a broad cross section of institutional investors on a number of factors relating to the structure and effectiveness of their investments committees. More than 120 organizations responded, with some respondents overseeing more than one type of plan.

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Publication thumbnail Presentation: Sharing our knowledge – What Canadian foundations and endowments can learn from the U.S. economic crisis

Generally speaking, endowments and foundations have long assumed that less liquid assets provide a good source of excess returns and that an unlimited time horizon allows them to bear the liquidity risk of such investments. However, this widely held belief was called into question when several endowments struggled to meet their cash requirements during the financial crisis of 2007-2009.

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