Elvire Perrin to discuss “Latin America beyond Brazil”.

Amsterdam, May 30, 2017 – Elvire Perrin, Managing Director with Pavilion Alternatives Group Limited, will be part of a panel discussion on “Latin America beyond Brazil”, at the Super Return Emerging Markets conference on June 27, 2017. The panel will present the risks and opportunities that are present in Latin America in light of the new U.S. administration.

Ivonne Cuello, Director of Business Development & Strategy, LAVCA

Diego Córdoba, Co-founder, CEO and Managing Director, Teka Capital
Elvire Perrin, Managing Director, Pavilion Alternatives Group

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More about Elvire Perrin:
Elvire Perrin is primarily responsible for global Private Credit and Latin America. She was instrumental in the research effort that led to identifying the potential risks associated with the technology venture market in 2000.  She also developed an approach to peer group analysis of general partners. This approach is a key aspect of Pavilion Alternatives Group’s Research and Investment Process today. More recently, Ms. Perrin has led the development of a private credit platform, assisting clients in the set-up, development and management of their private credit portfolios and in due diligence of specific funds.  Ms. Perrin has worked with European insurance companies to assemble private credit portfolios that fit with the Standard Solvency II and customised models. She has also worked with general partners to ensure that they are able to supply information required under Solvency II reporting guidelines, including the Tripartite Data Exchange template (“TPT”). Prior to joining Pavilion, Ms. Perrin held positions in the New York and Paris offices of the Invest in France Agency, and DATAR (the French Regional Planning Commission). Ms. Perrin has a BSc (Hons) in Economic Science from Sorbonne University; an MSc (Hons) in International Economics from Nanterre University, and an MSc (Hons) in Public Management from Dauphine University.  She speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian.