Our research teams in North America, Europe and Asia provide in-depth global coverage across different alternative investment strategies, sectors and regions.  Not only do we offer specialization geographically, but also in each of the private markets sub-classes (private equity, private credit, real assets and real estate and hedge funds.

Our process is rigorous and methodical, and our Alternative Asset Investment Committee assesses every investment opportunity at multiple stages to ensure objectivity and consistency.

Inputs into our research process include:

  • Proactive and proprietary research
  • Manager meetings
  • Due diligence analysis
  • Industry contacts
  • Reference calls
  • Site visits
  • Ongoing monitoring
  • External industry-standard alternative asset databases
  • News sources

Data collected both internally and externally is loaded into our database, which includes detailed information and activity on approximately 6,000 unique opportunities. Given our customized approach, opportunities are assessed for fit with our clients’ specific objectives rather than broadly underwritten across our client base. We believe our research is a core differentiator and underscores the tailored approach we bring to our clients.

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