Customized Solutions

We are committed to delivering tailored solutions to institutional investors worldwide as they navigate and realize the benefits of alternative asset classes.

Separately Managed Accounts (“SMA”)

Pavilion Alternatives Group collaborates with clients to establish and administrate SMAs, ensuring that investment and risk management processes are documented properly and executed within this account structure. Our services in support of client SMAs include:

  • Investment policy statement and implementation plan
  • Management and oversight
  • Performance reporting
  • Day-to-day administration responsibility, including managing cash transactions
  • Reconciling statements
  • Legal review of all documentation
  • Preparation and execution of all relevant documents

We tailor these services to the needs of each client and adjust them over time as required.

Partnership analysis and workouts

We provide our clients with in-depth analyses on problematic relationships and have assisted in the restructuring of general partner relationships where appropriate. These situations primarily relate to improper expense/fee allocations, erroneous distribution mechanics, improper clawback calculations, improper tax consideration in profit distribution to a general partner and other cash flow events.

Process development and improvement

Given the complexities and challenges inherent in many clients’ existing workflows and communication processes, we have developed an expertise in supporting the development and implementation of operational processes and/or process improvements. Our efforts emphasize margin improvement and the enhancement of the quality and productivity in key business processes that assist clients in managing alternative investment portfolios effectively.

Legacy portfolio analysis and management

Often, legacy investments are present in the portfolios of institutional investors and can be difficult to manage. We provide clients with an efficient and effective legacy investment management program as an overlay to our core portfolio management and reporting services.

Training and education

We deliver training and education on issues important to each client for managing the risk, exposure and direction of their private equity programs. We also publish articles and white papers, arrange fund manager tours, create fund manager grading reports and provide representation on advisory boards and at annual general meetings.