Real Assets

Real assets can play an important role in institutional portfolios, especially during inflationary periods. Today’s investors are looking for ways to protect their capital against the erosion of purchasing power as well as unexpected changes in interest rates and inflation, and this asset class can help accomplish that objective.


The energy market has unique characteristics that require specialized expertise, particularly in times of volatility, and we are well positioned to help our clients navigate this space. Our advisory activities focus on generalist buyout funds, credit specialists and turnaround/restructuring firms.


The universe of investable infrastructure opportunities has grown considerably as a result of privatization and the need to upgrade or replace infrastructure around the world. As with equity portfolios, approaches to infrastructure investing vary by style, geography, sector and method of implementation. We help clients navigate and identify best-in-class infrastructure investments globally, and integrate them into the portfolio for optimum performance.

Timber and Other Natural Resources

In addition to energy and infrastructure, Pavilion Alternatives Group’s breadth of coverage in real assets includes:

  • Timber
  • Minerals and mining
  • Agriculture
  • Water
  • Renewable Energy