Private Credit

Private credit or debt is one of the fastest growing markets in the alternatives space. With dedicated global resources and expertise in private credit investments, Pavilion Alternatives Group can help institutional investors tap into these unique markets and build private credit exposure as part of their alternatives portfolio.

Our experience spans direct lending (both mezzanine and senior secured), structured credit, stressed/distressed debt, and opportunistic credit strategies. Although our geographic coverage is global, we focus on the specific markets where private credit investment opportunities are most abundant. Our team recommends, conducts due diligence on and monitors private credit investments that can help clients preserve their capital while capturing attractive returns on both a levered and unlevered basis, reflecting their specific risk appetite.

As part of our private credit platform, we:

  • Maintain a proprietary database of over 700 funds covering the various sub-asset classes within private credit
  • Have extensive relationships with private credit issuers and fund managers
  • Understand the complexities of private credit, including the various risk/return trade-offs
  • Help clients navigate through private credit nomenclature, by putting the various strategies and approaches into plain language