Our History

Pavilion’s alternatives advisory business is long-established and continues to grow with specialized teams that have been offering customized services since 1998.

In 2014, Pavilion acquired LP Capital Advisors, a U.S.-based investment advisory firm with expertise in alternative asset classes, particularly private equity.

In 2016, Pavilion acquired Altius Holdings Ltd., a global private markets advisory and separate account management firm with offices in the UK, U.S. and Singapore.

As part of the 2016 transaction whereby an affiliated company, Pavilion Advisory Group Inc., purchased certain assets of Jeffrey Slocum & Associates, a full-service investment advisory firm offering both traditional and alternative assets consulting, seven members of Slocum became employees of Pavilion, further enhancing our experience and resources.

Through this combination of acquisitions and recruiting seasoned investment professionals, we have assembled a team that is dedicated to providing world-class advisory services in alternatives assets.  In addition, we have created a powerful alternatives platform that gives our global clientele an expanded menu of services.  Consistent with the historical client service approach of both Altius and LPCA, Pavilion Alternatives Group delivers these services and solutions which continue to emphasize our core focus of providing objective and thoughtful advice with a fiduciary mindset.