Manager research

Pavilion specializes in investment manager research. And, we are consistently given high ranks by our clients for our knowledge of managers[1].

The goal of due diligence is to identify managers proactively that have a sustainable competitive advantage through future business cycles. We believe that we have the resources to achieve that goal:  a deep and highly experienced Research Team.

Through an intensive due diligence process, we continuously assess numerous qualitative, performance and risk characteristics of investment management firms located around the world. We conduct our due diligence in six areas:  the organization, the people, the market structure, the investment philosophy and process, the operational infrastructure, and historical performance. We delve into each of these six areas at different stages of our process.

The process involves not just document reviews, crunching the numbers, and phone calls, but also scheduled on-site visits. Pavilion typically conducts over 1,250 research meetings each year with traditional investment managers. The alternatives team usually holds more than 1,000 per year. This knowledge is leveraged as Pavilion works with clients to search for and select their investment managers.

Investment manager databases

Our proprietary databases cover thousands of firms and their products. These enhanced research tools, with intuitive data fields and functionality, help us search for investment excellence, on behalf of our clients.

For each product, the databases provide performance and risk analytics, portfolio characteristics, and corporate and product profiles detailing the history and organizational structure of the firm, its people (their backgrounds and investment experience) and the investment philosophy and process.

Our databases are powerful tools used by Pavilion consultants and researchers to conduct manager searches and to inform the firm’s recommendations to clients. Clients may call upon Pavilion investment consultants and research analysts for an in-depth and independent opinion on specific managers and strategies of interest.

Our proprietary databases are complemented by external databases that house information on more than 22,000 investment products and approximately 9,000 investment managers.



[1]  In the U.S., surveys by Greenwich Associates ranked Pavilion Advisory Group Inc. for its knowledge of investment managers at 2nd quartile in 2016 and 1st quartile in 2015 and 2014.
In Canada, surveys of institutional investors ranked Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd. for its knowledge of investment managers at 2nd quartile in 2016, and 1st quartile in 2015 and 2014.

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