Advising some of the most sophisticated clients in North America, Pavilion provides investment consulting, advisory and retirement benefits consulting.

Backed by extensive research and analytical capabilities, we employ a proactive consulting approach—timely advice, customized recommendations and implementation assistance, all based on understanding our clients’ circumstances and objectives. Our goal is to support and help educate our clients, allowing them to make informed choices that are aligned to their overall investment goals. This way they can preserve and grow the value of their portfolios while managing risk.

Client-focused consulting team

For each client, Pavilion assembles an expert consulting team to provide the highest level of service. The firm seeks to maintain low client/consulting staff ratio, allowing clients to receive timely support and resources from their advisory team. Typically, at least two consultants are devoted to each client, as well as an analyst who provides technical support, performance measurement and other services.  In addition, our research staff actively participates in the consulting process.  This means that each client can access a wide range of investment expertise when needed.