Pavilion is recognized for providing investment consulting services to healthcare organizations – including stand-alone hospitals to some of the largest non-profit healthcare systems in the U.S.

Trends in the U.S. healthcare industry – such as competitive pressures, rising costs and operating/budget constraints – present extraordinary challenges for hospitals and healthcare systems. We believe this environment demands a new and dynamic approach to asset allocation and investing, to support the financial strategy and community mission of hospitals and healthcare systems.

Pavilion works closely with our healthcare clients to create sound investment strategies that help providers fulfill their mission, meet operational and asset goals, ensure adequate liquidity, integrate assets and liabilities (including debt structures and pension plans), manage their capital fundraising proceeds, and attain sustainable growth.

Healthcare Consulting Team
Our Healthcare Consulting Team understands the issues particular to the U.S. healthcare industry. Advising on client assets ranging from $100 million to several billion dollars, the team works every day with healthcare governing committees and management, and functions as a value-added resource as an extension of staff.

A full suite of services
From investment research to advice and execution, Pavilion offers a full suite of services for healthcare providers. Explore our services.

Healthcare Enterprise Risk Modeling
For healthcare operating assets, Pavilion applies a proprietary, strategic modeling process to help guide the asset allocation decision. The modeling results are stated in terms of both risk and return and key financial metrics such as day’s cash on hand and debt service coverage. This analysis is a powerful tool to assist healthcare systems in the efficient allocation of capital resources.