Financial Institutions

In today’s ultra-competitive investment landscape, financial institutions can partner with Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd. to bring advanced capabilities to their customers.

 Having worked with some of the leading institutional investors and financial services firms in North America, Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd. sees an opportunity in working  with financial institutions – such as banks, brokers, RIAs, insurance firms and other financial intermediaries – to customize and deliver premium investment programs and solutions to their customers. Together, we can combine our strengths and capabilities through a mutually beneficial partnership.

Financial institutions can access Pavilion’s full suite of services, institutional experience and seasoned professionals to customize and execute an investment strategy.

A full suite of services

From investment research to advice and execution of the advice, Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd. offers a full suite of services for financial institutions.  Explore our services.

Pooled fund outsourcing[1]

Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd. will provide support and structure for a portfolio manager that wants to launch and maintain pooled funds as a vehicle for distributing their investment strategies to institutional investors. This allows the portfolio manager to focus on marketing their investment solutions to prospective investors and managing the investments while Pavilion ensures that the pooled funds are open and available for purchase while meeting all of the registration, regulatory compliance, operational and taxation requirements.


[1] Provided by Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd., only in Canada.