Endowments & Foundations

Non-profit institutions work hard to better our communities, balancing long-term strategy against short-term needs.  Pavilion has long been a partner with non-profits, helping to shape best-practice governance processes and efficient portfolios, all with the ultimate objective of helping our clients earn investment returns that grow intergenerational equity.

Dedicated, experienced team

Pavilion has over 30-years of experience[1] advising non-profit institutions on managing their investments.  Our dedicated Endowment & Foundation Practice Team has decades of experience working with many types of non-profit organizations, which means we understand both industry best practices and the ways to tailor investment solutions to meet the unique operating circumstances, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs of each non-profit organization.

A focus on effectiveness and efficiency

Pavilion’s portfolio construction, monitoring, reporting, and communication philosophies are all focused on helping our clients make effective decisions, efficiently.  In our view, every part of a portfolio, including each asset class and each manager, must play a clear and distinct role in the portfolio, and produce results that, after fees, help our clients to help meet their investment and strategic goals.  Our approach helps to:

  • Educate clients on the key aspects of asset classes and managers
  • Narrow potential investment strategies and managers to those that are truly additive to portfolios
  • Measure and manage the effectiveness of capital allocations, risk allocations and fees paid to active managers

Actionable research

Pavilion’s market and manager research teams cut through the clutter of daily market information and focus on communicating strategic research aligned with the long-term investment objectives of endowments and foundations.  This discipline helps our clients to focus on the factors that drive long-term investment performance.

Integrated deep alternative investment expertise

Private capital funds and hedge fund strategies have become key return-drivers and, in some cases, risk-mitigators, of long-term endowment and foundation portfolios.  We integrate seamlessly with our affiliate, Pavilion Alternatives Group®, to leverage a dedicated team of over 80 professionals located around the world to source, conduct due diligence, recommend, and monitor alternative investment managers.

Responsible investing

Pavilion is a signatory to the United Nations-supported Principles of Responsible Investment. Our Responsible Investing Team works across client teams to implement customized responsible investment strategies tailored to each client’s mission, including ESG portfolio assessments, exclusionary screens, divestment strategies, and mission-driven impact investments.

A full suite of services

From investment research to advice and execution, Pavilion offers a full suite of services for endowments and foundations. Explore our services.


[1] Stratford Advisory Group, Inc. formed in Chicago, Illinois as a full-service investment consulting and advisory firm. Pavilion Financial Corporation acquired Stratford Advisory Group, Inc. in 2011 and changed the name to Pavilion Advisory Group Inc. in 2012.