DC Plans

Retirement Benefits Consulting

We guide and inspire clients to improve their retirement plans, driving better outcomes for employees and employer alike.

Attract and retain top talent with high-quality retirement benefits. We provide tailored advice and strategies to help clients design, implement and oversee successful defined contribution (DC) plans and other retirement benefits for their workforce.

Our goal? To improve participant outcomes and mitigate liabilities for plan sponsors. We do this by bringing clients well-thought-out solutions across every facet of their retirement plan—from plan design to investment menu construction to participant education, operational compliance and overall fiduciary governance. Each of our services ensures that our clients’ retirement benefits are competitive, compliant and meaningful to plan participants.

Unique expertise and processes

Our team implements a proprietary R21 Process that employs behavioral finance to help clients re-engineer their retirement plans, understand the plan’s history and determine future direction. We also leverage proprietary software, TDAnalyzer™, to help plan sponsors analyze potential target date strategies in the context of their participant’s demographics and behavior to improve the potential for positive outcomes.

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