Research Driven

Pavilion has dedicated research teams – our “think tanks” behind the scenes, informing the advice and insights we provide to clients.

Institutional investors face complex investment and financial decisions amid ever changing market conditions. We are focused on helping our clients making sense of it all. We have multiple research teams in a variety of disciplines that work in tandem to produce first-rate research that supports the advice, implementation and oversight we offer.

Research focus areas

  • Investment manager research: Pavilion undertakes extensive due diligence on investment managers, with our work consistently ranked in the top-quartile of firms conducting such research. More than 1,000 research meetings are held each year with investment managers to ensure we have up-to-date information and assessments. Our market-leading, proprietary database covers over 1,300 investment managers across 40 mandates and 5,000+ products.
  • Capital markets research: Our work in this area deals with asset allocation and other advisory services research for clients, which we then translate into implementable ideas for institutional investors that are integrated into their overall portfolio strategy and structure.
  • Alternatives research: Given the role that alternative strategies play in our clients’ portfolios, Pavilion conducts extensive research in alternative asset classes and associated offerings.  Pavilion Alternatives Group has a successful track record of investing in a wide array of strategies across asset classes, industries and geographies, in various formats including commingled funds, secondaries, directs/co-investments and client-driven separately managed accounts, and throughout multiple economic and market cycles.