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U.S. renewables market
by Jay Yoder, Managing Director, Pavilion Alternatives Group, LLC
According to the 2016 Annual Energy Outlook published by U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), U.S. demand for electric power is expected to grow by 1.0% per year. This is an increase over its 2015 outlook which projected demand growing at 0.8% per year.
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Publication thumbnail Is there a market for water in our future?
by James McKeough, Market Analyst
While this is an interesting view point, most of water’s value is not in the commodity itself but in the value that’s added to it by a range of services and processes: extracting it, making it drinkable, transporting it and disposing it. The value-to volume economic ratio in water does not support a global marketplace, where, for example, the rights for excess water in Canada could be sold to thirsty households or farms in China.
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Publication thumbnail Growth in responsible investment strategies set to encompass climate change
In November 2014, the US SIF Foundation released its 10th biennial report on trends in the sustainable, responsible and impact investing (SRI) industry. The new report shows significant growth over the past two years in U.S.-domiciled assets managed using some form of SRI strategy. Specifically, assets under management increased from $3.74 trillion at the beginning of 2012 to $6.57 trillion at the beginning of 2014.
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Publication thumbnail A Framework for Integrating ESG Factors into Portfolio Construction
by Anton Loukine, CFA, CAIA, CIO of Implemented Solutions
Every asset owner who practices sustainable and responsible investing has different preferences and places different levels of importance on various ESG factors. Combining these individual predilections with other investment objectives can be challenging.
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Publication thumbnail The Rapid Rise of Sustainable and Responsible Investing: from marginal to mainstream?
by Lucas Mansberger, CFA, CAIA, Consultant
One topic in institutional investing where there is a wide difference of opinion is sustainable and responsible investing. Whether referred to as “socially responsible investing,” “social investing,” or any of its myriad other monikers, SRI and its proponents often have been met with strong resistance from the institutional investment community.
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