Our Philosophy

Pavilion’s philosophy is guided by a strong conviction that discipline and analysis, not speculative intuition or rumor, should guide financial decision-making. We overlay experienced judgment and creative thinking on top of our analytical work to arrive at thoughtful and customized recommendations for our clients.

Discipline and analysis

Strict investment discipline and analytical rigor permeate the entire process at Pavilion. Whether structuring portfolios, engineering investment strategies, evaluating third-party managers or making trading decisions, all choices are made from the perspective of long-term investment strategy and only after careful due diligence and research.

Risk management is key

Institutions often must balance long-term investment objectives with short-term liquidity and cash flow needs. Long-term investment strategies can come with significant short-term volatility. We consider the complete risk management profile of our clients, including factors such as asset-liability matching, liquidity and cash flow needs, portfolio and market volatility, governance, operational risk, third-party providers and so on. We engineer investment strategies to successfully manage a variety of risks, with the goal of providing above-market results over the long term.