Investment Manager Monitoring

Each year our institutional clients place significant amounts of money with investment managers recommended by Pavilion. So naturally we’re concerned about their performance in meeting our clients’ long-term investment goals and objectives.

Pavilion offers a comprehensive manager monitoring and performance analytics service. Through intensive manager monitoring, we try to avoid “surprises” in our clients’ portfolios.  

Quantitative and qualitative evaluation

A variety of techniques are used to evaluate the performance of investment managers:

  • Our analyst team conducts more than 1,200 research meetings annually with investment managers. Onsite due diligence and frequent communications with managers can often identify problems before they are evident in performance. 
  • We calculate and validate performance returns and risk factors, and compare these to benchmarks and an appropriate peer group of managers.
  • We monitor adherence of investment managers to their stated investment philosophy, style and guidelines contained in the client’s Investment Policy Statement, and complete an investment policy compliance checklist each quarter.
  • We keep a sharp eye on organizational trends and developments, including key personnel and ownership changes.