Discretionary Consulting

Our discretionary model leverages our non-discretionary services we have practiced since our firm’s inception.

Under a discretionary model (often referred to as implemented consulting), Pavilion will act as an extension of the client’s staff, actively manage the assets in an investment portfolio rather than merely provide recommendations. Clients delegate investment responsibilities to Pavilion, including the authority to retain and terminate investment managers as necessary and implement an asset allocation strategy based on the client’s defined parameters. The amount of discretion will be determined by the client based on available resources, governance requirements and so on.  

What sets us apart

What sets Pavilion’s discretionary consulting service apart from many competitors is that it is not a canned, pre-set product, but rather a service that is fully customizable to each client’s unique circumstances. We can offer services tailored to smaller or larger organizations. Of importance is that the client’s Investment Committee can select the level of discretion that it wants: we can expand or narrow our services based on client needs, and handle all or part of the portfolio.

Our experienced team of investment professionals has offered discretionary services to institutions, family offices and other investors for over 30 years.