Customized Investment Strategies

Investors may have specific investment needs or requirements that they wish to consider in their investment program. We work with clients to develop and deliver investment solutions that are customized to the client’s defined requirements.

Some examples of the customization capabilities of Pavilion include:

Liquid Real Assets:  Pavilion offers customizable strategies that allow investors to gain exposure to global real estate investment trusts, listed securities of infrastructure companies, senior loans, inflation-linked bonds, and other liquid securities that may help protect investors’ capital against the erosion of purchasing power as well as unexpected changes in the interest rate term structure.

Multi-manager strategies: From a traditional ‘one-size-fits-all’ Manager of Managers to more customized strategies either on a segregated or pooled basis, Pavilion works to provide clients with higher and better diversified sources of Alpha in areas where allocations are smaller.

Global developed markets SRI: Pavilion is able to develop a framework to deliver a diversified portfolio, which excludes certain stocks representing the clients’ strongest concerns, under-weight other securities that are less “responsible” and still provide an acceptable tracking to the appropriate benchmark.

Direct Hedge Fund Program: Pavilion’s direct hedge fund research is part of the firm’s broader Alternative Investment Research. It involves three components:

  • Research – Pavilion’s team will work with the client to design a customized hedge fund solution. Pavilion’s hedge fund programs have dynamic strategic asset allocation that invests in several hedge fund strategies.
  • Implementation – Pavilion will implement the program including reviewing the hedge fund manager contracts, facilitating the initial investments, etc.
  • Monitoring and risk management – Pavilion provides ongoing manager due diligence and performance research.