Socially Responsible Investment Advice

Socially responsible investing (SRI) is a methodology or process that incorporates environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into a portfolio construction framework. It can also be expanded to include using investments in companies as a platform to foster pro-active change. 

SRI – a growing demand

SRI supports the growing demand toward rewarding corporate responsibility and a belief that incorporating those companies exhibiting positive attributes can positively impact investment performance. SRI also allows organizations to ensure that their investment portfolios reflect their specific morals and ethical values.

Extensive experience customizing SRI strategies

Pavilion has worked extensively with clients to customize SRI strategies and portfolios that offer competitive returns while ensuring client assets are managed according to ESG criteria and are consistent with the Investment Policy Statement.

Before we propose and develop an SRI strategy for a client, we diligently screen investment managers and funds to ensure that they reflect the client’s specific values and beliefs, as well as financial goals. With an extensive database of global SRI managers, we provide our clients with access to top tier managers without sacrificing social objectives. In addition, we can implement customized SRI solutions for clients to enable them to achieve the required investment exposures while also maintaining their SRI objectives.