Investment Manager Search

Leveraging our comprehensive, ongoing research on investment managers, we help institutional investors find best-in-class investment managers to handle their money. For each manager search assignment, we conduct a thorough and transparent four-step process – and clients may participate in all or select phases, depending on interest, time constraints and the engagement.

Learn about our process by moving your mouse cursor over each of the phases below.

Phase 1


As the first step, we screen MGR-IQ, our extensive database, based on client requirements to shortlist investment managers having a high probability of consistently outperforming their peers and relevant market indices. We do not accept or receive any direct or indirect compensation of any kind from managers for inclusion or preference in our database or screening process. Our independence is paramount to our success.

Phase 2

Detailed Analysis

We undertake a more detailed analysis of approximately 10 to 15 managers, with the goal of identifying a list of finalist candidates. Pavilion's analyst team conducts over 1,000 research meetings each year with investment managers. This helps us get to know them above and beyond the numbers. Managers must meet both our qualitative and quantitative criteria to be presented to a client as a potential candidate. We provide detailed written profiles of the recommended investment manager organizations and their investment process.

Phase 3

Finalist Meetings

To make the final selection, due diligence interviews are conducted with the managers we have recommended (from three to five).

Phase 4


Clients then determine how much support they need from Pavilion to implement their decisions. Whether on a project or retainer basis, we can assist with fee negotiation, asset transfers and setting manager performance objectives and investment guidelines.