Asset Allocation

As the foundation for successful investing, we believe that the single most important decision is asset allocation.

Asset mixes that optimize returns

Pavilion models asset allocation strategies that meet client-specific risk/return and cash flow objectives. We use various techniques, such as mathematical modeling combined with in-depth client interviews and risk tolerance assessment, to identify asset mixes that have the highest expected return for a given risk level, while also taking into account the impact of shifting market conditions.

Guided by in-depth research

Drawing upon insights from our Global Macro Research* team and in-house economists, we work with each client portfolio to diversify across asset classes, styles and investment managers.

Healthcare capital allocation

For clients in the healthcare sector, Pavilion applies a strategic modeling process for asset allocation that integrates projected income and balance sheet data into traditional asset/liability management using various models. This analysis is a powerful tool in assisting healthcare organizations with the allocation of capital resources. We have found that this analysis has also shown to be very helpful in predicting when non-compliance with bond covenants may occur.

* Through affiliated company Pavilion Global Markets