Historical Timeline

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J. Edward Brockhouse and Richard L. Cooper come together in Montreal, Quebec, Canada to form an international investment dealer, which would eventually be named Brockhouse & Cooper Inc.
Stratford Advisory Group., Inc. formed in Chicago, Illinois as a full-service investment consulting and advisory firm.
Brockhouse Cooper’s consulting division is launched, with its initial focus as a full-fledged investment manager search service focused on international equity searches.
Brockhouse Cooper begins offering comprehensive transition management services to clients.
Pavilion Financial Corporation is established. Pavilion’s founder and Chairman and CEO, Martin Weinberg, was previously the founder and CEO of Assante Corporation, one of Canada's largest, non-bank-owned financial advisory organizations.
Management buy-out of Brockhouse & Cooper’s founders, supported by the Pavilion team, followed by full acquisition of the business by Pavilion in early 2010.
Pavilion Financial Corporation acquires Stratford Advisory Group.
Pavilion launches new, integrated brand and brings its subsidiaries under the Pavilion banner.
  • Stratford Advisory Group, Inc. changes its name to Pavilion Advisory Group Inc.
  • Brockhouse & Cooper Inc. changes its name to Pavilion Global Markets. The securities trading division, transition management and Global Macro Research operate under this new name.
  • Brockhouse Cooper’s investment consulting division separates into a sister company, and operates under the name Pavilion Advisory Group Ltd.
  • In 2014, Pavilion announced the acquisition of the business of Plan Sponsor Advisors, LLC, an investment and retirement benefit consultancy. Plan Sponsor Advisors was founded in 2002 and had offices in Chicago and Indianapolis.
  • In 2014, Pavilion Financial Corporation announced the acquisition of LP Capital Advisors, a Sacramento-based investment consulting firm with expertise in advisory services in alternative asset classes, particularly private equity. LP Capital Advisors was founded in 2004 and also has offices in Boston and Salt Lake City.
  • In 2016, PFC announced the acquisition of Altius Holdings Ltd., the parent company of Altius Associates Ltd. and Altius Associates (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (Altius Associates), a global private markets advisory and separate account management firm with offices in the UK, U.S. and Singapore.
  • In 2016, Pavilion combined the operations of Altius Associates with LP Capital Advisors to create a larger global alternatives asset class advisory platform with expanded depth and breadth of services and geographic footprint. The combined organization was rebranded as Pavilion Alternatives Group.
  • In 2016, Pavilion announced the purchase of the business of Jeffrey Slocum & Associates, Inc. (Slocum), a full service investment consulting, advisory and retirement benefit firm headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Slocum team joined forces with Pavilion Advisory Group Inc. and operates under that name.